Friday, August 15, 2014

Co-Ordination Meeting of All Office Bearers of the National Body of AICEIA at New Delhi

It is to intimate that, with the agenda to review recent developments, to invite suggestions for better functioning of the Association and to chalk out the future course of action in view of the CBEC’s unilateral announcement of formations & staff strength to further the restructuring process without adhering to the views offered by this Association time & again, a Co-Ordination Meeting of all Office-Bearers of the National Body of the AICEIA was fixed on 16 & 17.08.2014 at New Delhi. However, some of our Office-Bearers, citing various reasons, expressed their inability in attending the Meeting on the said dates and suggested for some future dates. Taking into consideration their genuine requests, the Co-Ordination Meeting has been re-scheduled on September 6th 2014 at New Delhi. So, all office bearers of the National Body are hereby requested to attend the same, so as to make this Association more strong & participatory to handle the challenges.  The venue of the meeting will be intimated in due course.

With best wishes on the 68th Independence Day.

Yours fraternally,
Abhishek Kamal
Secretary General

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cadre Restructuring – Regional Disparities in Promotions of Central Excise Inspectors to Superintendents – Extreme Disappointment of Cadre at Continuing Grave Injustice

At last much awaited Cadre Restructuring of CBEC has finally taken a shape vide letter vide                F No. A 11019/08/2013 –Ad. IV dated 01.08.2014, though it serves little to ease out the stagnation of most stagnated zones and there is nothing to address regional disparity. In fact, it will create great gap between most stagnated and less stagnated zones. One of our key demands i.e. All India Seniority has also not been addressed though DGHRD and the Study Group have conceded to this demand in the meeting on 31.07.2014. We have been continuously presenting our view and discussing our points to eradicate Regional Disparity and Stagnation with CBEC, DGHRD and different Committees/Study Groups etc.  Even during our last meeting with the Study Group on Stagnation on 31.07.2014, we presented our detailed views on Regional Disparity and measures to address the problem of Stagnation and no such measures have been implemented before the CR.  Board has made a great joke to many stagnated zones by way of giving 7, 25, 46, 86 etc. posts of the Superintendent, which will not even promote the Inspectors of 1992, 1994 etc.

AICEIA strongly protests such mentality which deprives Inspectors from their basic rights.  At present, we are thinking on all possible ways to bring justice for our cadre and your views and supports are highly solicited. Today a letter has been written to the Chairperson, CBEC with copies to the Union Minister of State for Finance and the Revenue Secretary, Govt. of India, which is reproduced as under:-

F.No. AICEIA/CBEC/CR/2014/10                                     Date:05.08.2014                                

The Chairperson,
Central Board of Excise & Customs,
North Block, New Delhi-1.

Sub: - Cadre Restructuring – Regional Disparities in Promotions of Central Excise      Inspectors to Superintendents – Extreme Disappointment of Cadre at Continuing Grave Injustice. 
It is with deep anguish that we write today to lodge this Association’s strongest possible protest on the CBEC notifying allocation of personnel to various formations as part of the CR exercise (vide F No. A 11019/08/2013 –Ad. IV dated 01.08.2014) without first resolving the issue of regional disparities in promotions of Inspectors to Superintendents of Central Excise.  Available information indicates that the said disparities would continue to fester acutely for long even in the post-restructuring period.
 If the CBEC has devised any plans for filling up the posts of Superintendents in a manner that eliminates the said disparities, it is requested that the same may kindly be made known to us also - to this cadre which has been anxiously waiting for some news on this front for several years now, but getting only repeated empty assurances from the highest echelons of the Board that the same will be addressed in course of CR.  From what has been put out in this regard on the public domain, we are unable to discern any measure which will result in doing away with the said disparities.

The members of this Association are highly agitated and dismayed at the continued neglect of this cadre’s burning issues, and the callous manner in which a great opportunity (Cadre Restructuring) to genuinely resolve at least partially some of their problems looks like being frittered away by the select few in the CBEC in their unseemly hurry to ensure immediate and huge benefits to their own kind.
 We can only conclude from the recent developments that the prolonged or rather endless consultations with this Association by many specially appointed bodies and Study Groups and Committees that has been going on at the CBEC’s instance is farcical, and meant only to facilitate a convenient reply to the Ministry that the problem of Inspectors of Central Excise are being addressed in consultation with the Association representing them.

         We request you to immediately order that vacancies in the cadre of Superintendents allocated to various Zones should be filled only in the manner that senior Inspectors from any Zone should be promoted ahead of Inspectors who are junior to them from any (other) Zone, which will at least enable their seniority in the lower cadre to beprotected when  seniority as Superintendents is  reckoned, which as per extant provisions is on an All India basis, and the date of joining as Superintendent is the criterion for determining inter-se seniority of Superintendents.  Further, it is also requested that before implementation of this Cadre Restructuring, All India Seniority regime for Inspectors from 1996-batch (joined in 2003) must be brought in order to bring justice in the cadre.  It is indeed unfortunate that even after this issue was represented so many times, no action has apparently been taken on the same, despite definite directions having been issued to the Board by the Revenue Secretary, Govt. of India also in this regard.    

Copies of certain important earlier correspondence, bearing reference nos. as listed hereunder, in this regard, are enclosed for ready reference: -

11.   OSD/ MPV/Inspector Assoc.  dated 22.03.2013 issued by Member(P&V), CBEC
22.   Nil dated 28.03.2013 issued by ADG (HRM) DGHRD , CBEC
33.  AICEIA/Prom Disparities/2014 dated 10.02.2014 submitted by this Association
44.   AICEIA/CBEC/RR/2014 dated 11.02.2014 submitted by this Association
55.  AICEIA/Regional Disparities/ 2013  dated 17.12.2013  submitted by this Association
66.  AICEIA/CBEC/2012/ UPGRADATION dated 26.06.2013 submitted by this Association
77.  AICEIA/Admin/2014/02 dated 09.07.2014 submitted by this Association
88.  AICEIA/Merger.HRD/2014/06 dated 15.07.2014 submitted by this Association
99.  AICEIA/CBEC/Resolutions/2014 dated 23.07.2014 submitted by this Assocation
Madam, we are also very disappointed that despite our pursuing with your office several times, we have not been granted an audience by you, and we once again request that we may be given an appointment at your earliest convenience so that we may present the cadre’s grave concerns before you in person and also suggest workable solutions to those.

Encl. As above.
Yours faithfully,

(Abhishek Kamal)
Secretary General
Copy submitted to:-
11.  The Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Finance, North Block, New Delhi w.r.t letter No. AICEIA/CBEC/2014  dated 18.06.2014 submitted to her when office bearers of this Association met her, with a request for an appropriate intervention in the matter.
22.  The Revenue Secretary, Govt. of India, North Block, New Delhi, w.r.t letter No. AICEIA/RS/2013 dated 25.04.2014 submitted by office bearers of this Association when they met him, with a request for an appropriate intervention in the matter.

(Abhishek Kamal)
Secretary General

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Update from Delhi

Office bearers of the All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association were in Delhi from 23.07.2014 to 25.07.2014 for meeting with senior most  officers of CBEC  and DGHRD on many issues like  Stagnation, Regional Disparity, All India Seniority for Inspectors etc.  The gist of the meetings is as under:-


Meeting with Member (P&V)


On 23.07.2014, the Office bearers of the All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association met the Member (P&V) and briefed her on Resolutions passed in the  recently held XVIIIth Convention of the Association and apprised her about the problems of stagnation, apprehensions that regional disparities in promotions of Inspectors to Superintendents of Central Excise are not being addressed in the CR.  The Office bearers requested her to ensure that the issue of stagnation & regional disparity must be addressed during implementation of Cadre Restructuring otherwise there will be flood of litigations across the country.  We reiterated the fact that the All India Seniority regime must be brought in to address the regional disparity.  In the course of  the meeting the DGHRD also joined and listened to us carefully and invited us to meet her on 24.07.2014 for detailed discussion on the subject.  During the meeting, the Member (P&V) and the DGHRD repeatedly assured us that residency period will not be decreased for promotion to the grade of the Superintendent during implementation of Cadre Restructuring. 


Apart from above, all major issues concerning the cadre were also discussed.  

Meeting with the DGHRD


We met the DGHRD on 24.07.2014.  Ms. Renu K. Jagdev, ADG (HRM) and Sh. V. K. Singh, Addl. Director were also present in the meeting.  We submitted our written Resolutions passed during the 18th Convention and had a detailed discussion on Stagnation & Regional Disparity.  We suggested many solutions to the problem and asked them to eradicate the problems before implementation of the CR. We forcefully but with due regard and on the basis of court judgements and several documentary support demanded the All India Seniority regime before implementation of CR. We asked the outcome (minutes) of the meeting held on 19.05.2014 in the chamber of the ADG (HRM) on “Unification of Examiner, Preventive Officer and Inspectors of Central Excise”.  We  expressed  our anguish over the issue of not-providing the minutes despite several reminders.  She told us that the same has not been finalized yet and they will provide us as soon as they will prepare it.


We also sought information on the Study Group formed for addressing the  “Acute Stagnation in Group-B Executive grades”. We were accordingly informed of the  reasons for forming the Study Group. It is absolutely clear that this exercise has been undertaken by the CBEC pursuant to  AICEIA taking up the matter with Revenue Secretary, who subsequently directed CBEC to address the problem of stagnation.  Thus, this Study Group is the outcome of the meeting of Office bearers of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association and the Revenue Secretary held on 25.04.2014 during which he was  apprised of  the Stagnation in the grades of Inspector and Superintendent of Central Excise, Acute inter-cadre and intra-cadre disparities  in Promotions within Gr B executives of the CBEC, and highly unjust plans of CBEC for implementation of Cadre Restructuring ( copy of letter to the Revenue Secretary  uploaded on this  blog on 01.05.2014 may please be referred).  


The DGHRD told us that they are waiting for the approval of CR file from the MoS Finance, and no sooner than the same is  cleared, Notifications concerned will be issued.  We strongly reiterated our demand that  the issue of Inspectors’ stagnation and regional disparity must address before or at least in course of implementation of CR. 


Matters  related to the amendments required in Recruitment Rules of the Superintendent of Central Excise,  and IRS (C&CEx) were also discussed.


Meeting with the Addl. Dir. (I&W)



The AICEIA has regularly been pursuing the matter of Health Insurance Scheme for CBEC employees and effective doubling of Children’s Education Allowance since more than a  year.  In this connection, we met Ms. Meenu S. Kumar, Addl. Director (I&W) and discussed these issues with her.  The Addl. Director (I&W) was very keen on the Health Insurance Scheme and we discussed all aspects of the proposed scheme.  The proposed Health Insurance Scheme will provide cashless access to Health care facilities to the family of working employees thereby enabling access to healthcare facilities for In-patient department i.e. Hospitalization in over 3000 hospitals/nursing homes across the country with an Annual Check up of the Government Employee once in a year.  Initially the new scheme will be for two years as a pilot project, for providing health insurance cover to every employee of CBEC and his/her family worth    Rs. 2 lakhs for once year at a time from the date of the contract.   She also apprised us that more “Add On” or benefits will also be sought from the company providing the Health Insurance Scheme. The Addl. Director (I&W) told us that due to huge financial burden on welfare fund i.e. approx. Rs. 16.85 Crore per annum, a share of the cost of the insurance must also be borne by employee and the same will cost approx.  Rs. 1500/- per annum, which is a nominal amount for such great benefits. 


During the meeting, the difficulties in getting through the proposal floated earlier by DGHRD for  effective doubling of the   amount of Children’s Education Allowance for CBEC employees   was explained by the Addl. Dir. (I&W).   


During the meeting we were informed  that soon mobile phones/laptops and mobile connection may be provided to CBEC personnel, since the matter is being actively considered.      



Meeting with Sh. Prakash Chand, Consultant


On 24.07.2014, we met Sh. Prakash Chand, Consultant, and member of the Study Group referred to supra, and apprised him in detail the problems that our cadre is  facing.  We presented  the stagnation and disparities issues and the remedial measures proposed by AICEIA . All issues were discussed threadbare us. He informed  that  that a meeting will be held soon to discuss the matter in detail.  The ADG Nacen, New Delhi has subsequently convened  the said meeting will be held on 31st July, 2014.  



Apart from the above, we also met several officers at CBEC, DGHRD offices and interacted with the office bearers of other Associations & Confederation as well. 

Yours fraternally,

Abhishek Kamal
Secretary General

Monday, July 14, 2014

Committees constituted by CBEC

In recent development CBEC has issued two Office Memorandum regarding “Tax Administrative Reform Commission” and “acute stagnation in Group -B Executive grades”. 

TARC has submitted its first report and CBEC has constituted six committees to look into the six areas of the report.   All Circles/Branches of AICEIA and the office bearers of All India Body are requested to go through the first report of the commission available on  

Further, CBEC has also constituted a study group to study the acute stagnation in Group “B” Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Executive grades and remedial actions.  The study will be conducted by Sh. Prakash Chand, Consultant in association with Sh. B. B. Agrawal, ADG, NACEN, Delhi and submit their report within two months. 

All Circles/Branches of AICEIA and the Office Bearers of National Body are requested to submit their views by 18.07.2014, on the following email ids:-

Yours fraternally,

Abhishek Kamal
Secretary General

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Greetings from the new Committee

Dear Comrades,
The following new set of office bearers was elected in the XVIIIth Convention of the AICEIA held on the 27th & 28th June 2014 in Trivandrum to fight for the causes of Central Excise  Inspectors working across the length and breadth of the country:-
Anupam Neeraj, West Bengal
Working President
Arun Kumar A., Kerala
Secretary General
Abhishek Kamal, Patna
Assistant Secretary General
Chokkalingam Manivasagam, Benguluru
Liaison Secretary
Devender Kumar, Delhi
Organizing Secretary
Rajesh Kumar, Mumbai
Vice President (North)
A I Abbasi, Lucknow
Joint Secretary (North)
Ajay Kumar Saini, Delhi
Vice President (West)
R P Singh, Rajkot
Joint Secretary (West)
Thomas Mony, Pune
Vice President (Central)
Praveen Prabhakar, Patna
Joint Secretary (Central)
Aditya Sharma, Nagpur
Vice President (East)
Samarjeet Bandopadhyay, West Bengal
Joint Secretary (East)
Rajashish Dutta, Shillong
Vice President (South)
Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Kerala
Joint Secretary (South)
B S Prasad, Hyderabad

 Treasurer and Office Secretary will be nominated soon.

We would like to thank the previous Committee  for their all round efforts and hard work in bringing this  Association’s agenda  to the  centre stage, and putting across our demands and issues so forcefully that the  CBEC and the Ministry cannot continue to ignore those any longer. The previous Committee’s efforts have also immensely strengthened the Association, and the robust and united body it is today is the legacy we have inherited from our predecessors.
It is indeed a great challenge, opportunity and pleasure to serve you all in fighting for the issues of the Inspectors and to bring the best career prospects and healthy working environment.  For this, we need continuity in active involvement of every Inspector in the Association’s activities, a regular and meaningful two-way communication from the All India office bearers right to the grassroots level formations, enhancing the legal, intellectual and financial resources and mobilization of all members throughout country. So Comrades, if the largest working force of the CBEC will achieve their rights, remember it is the country too that will achieve wonders and a position of pride.

Dear Comrades, be prepared for performing all present tasks which are already in our hand, and also be ready to meet  the ensuing challenges.  Always remember:-

Challenges are meant to be met and overcome.


Yours fraternally,

Abhishek Kamal
Secretary General

Friday, June 27, 2014

Long Live AICEIA

Dear Comrades,

I write today to announce the election of a new Central Committee at the ongoing  XVIIIth Convention of the AICEIA  at Trivandrum.  

Com. Anupam Neeraj of Kolkata will be the new President  and Com. Abhishek Kamal of Patna  the new Secretary General of our Association.

I and my colleagues of the outgoing Committee thank each one of you from the bottom of our hearts for the co-operation extended to us because of which we could discharge all  the responsibilities assigned to us by you.  

We have the satisfaction of handing over charge to a very competent and dedicated  band of young men, who, I'm sure will keep the flag of  this Association flying high.

Wish the very best to the new  Committee for all their endeavours.

Goodbye and a big thank you for everything.